Beginners Class

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“I felt at ease knowing that everyone in the room was a beginner just like me”


Where are you at now?


You have heard of Pilates but never tried it, you feel like you won’t know what to do and a little nervous about joining an established group class..


What problems you have right now?


You may have been told by a physio that you should do Pilates, Or maybe you have a reoccurring injury and you know that you need to do something to ease this pain. But you just don’t know how to. You work seated or stand for long periods of time and suffer with poor posture, and need to improve it. You need to move more freely and be more flexible.

What you need help with right now:

I know that I need to make a start in order to regain and help build my strength and increase my flexibility.I’m looking to learn the correct techniques without feeling the pressure to go to “the next level”straight away.Working in a friendly class so that I have the skills to transfer the pilates elements into my current lifestyle.

Beginners Class

In this class you will begin to develop strength in your core, improve your posture and move more easily. You will master the Principles of Pilates including the correct breathing techniques which will allow you to perform the movements with complete control. Learn about re aligning the body to correct old habits and how to engage your core. We will slowly work through the basic movements to ensure you feel good and benefit from a stronger core and move more freely.  The beginners course is devised for someone just like you! Have comfort that everyone in the room is in the same situation, this class is for you! Are you ready? Let’s get started!